Travis Clark

Travis Clark was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and raised right here in Marietta, Georgia. His alma mater is Marietta High School and he continued his education at Georgia State University, where he pursued a B.F.A in Painting and a B.A in Philosophy, graduating magna cum laude and with distinction in 2015.

He began tattooing in 2007 after a formal apprenticeship, and has worked in the North Metro Region for most of his career. Stylistically, he is well rounded, which has properly served him with the ever changing landscape of tattooing. From solid, modern-traditional designs to color realism and black and grey, he has positioned himself early on as a versatile artist and simply: a lover of tattooing.

That’s not to say he has completely eschewed concerns of style. Rather, he has been working towards developing a cohesive body of work through drawings and paintings that are on hand and ready to be tattooed. He has a natural affinity towards weirdo art and psychedelia tattoos where amphibious wizards, hypnotic barbarians, and crimson reapers roam the thematic landscape—and who couldn’t be excited about that? We know we are! We are glad to have him on the team, and look forward to seeing the work he produces in the future.

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